Ahu/FCU/AIR Washer

Introducing Double Skin Air Handling Units completely redesigned with a ‘Screwless Cabinet’ construction. As the name suggests, these units have a casing made of sandwiched panels, resulting in low noise, sturdy construction and better thermal insulation. Taper wedges are used for fixing and locking the insulated panels with aluminum frame.

Advantages of ‘Screwless Cabinet’ Construction:

Reliability and Longer life
Better Aesthetics
Engineered to deliver High Indoor Air Quality
Low Noise
Energy Efficiency
Ease of Assembly and Maintenance
Reduces Air Bypass in Filter Section
Standard Filter Sizes and Compact Design

Double Skin Horizontal Floor Mounted AHU
Capacity: 3250 CMH to 60500 CMH Double Skin Vertical Air Handling Units
Capacity: 3500 CMH to 24500 CMH Double Skin Ceiling Suspended Air Handling Units
Capacity: 1770 CMH to 13568 CMH