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ACRV AIRCON PROJECTS understands the dynamics and intricacies of different Industries and has the expertise to provide optimal solutions for industry-specific requirements. We have specialized solutions and a dedicated team of talented projects in the field of Air-conditioning, Ventilation and Air cooling. All our projects are extremely proficient in design, engineering, equipment selection, project execution and management of HVAC projects.             

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Our Specialization

HVAC System Design, Installation and Validation

Supply & Installation 1. AHU, Chiller, Cooling tower, Chilled water pump & compressors. 2. Ducting, Piping and Insulation (SS, GI, MS & PID). 3. Grill, damper and diffuser.

HVAC & Cleanroom Validation

1. Airflow Visualization Test 2. Air Velocity Measurement 3. DOP/PAO HEPA Filter Integrity Test 4. Particle Count Test 5. Room Pressurization Test 6. Light Intensity Test 7. Noise Level Test

Clean Room System Design, Installation and Validation

Supply & Installation 1. Clean room of class 100 to class 100000 , ISO 5-9, Grade A-D 2. Filters (HEPA, Pre, Fine, Mini, Pleat & Roll filters) 3. Clean room Equipment( Air shower, Pass Box)

Delivery and Maintenance

The most important part of a project is timely delivery and regular maintenance. We provide FREE maintenance for 1 YEAR and also life time maintenance through regular ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS (AMC).

Site Management

In implementation phase we supervise the construction and installations of site fabricated and assembled systems. We have dedicated Engineers for different projects who monitors and controls the project schedule.

HVAC Design and Constructions:

• Manage all Material Procurements • Perform Site Staging • Ongoing Onsite Supervision • Coordinate Building Inspections • Manage all Subcontractors

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