Our Offerings

HVAC System Design, Installation and Validation

Supply & Installation
1. AHU, Chiller, Cooling tower, Chilled water pump & compressors. 
2. Ducting, Piping, and Insulation (SS, GI, MS & PID).
3. Grill, damper, and diffuser.

GI Ducting

PID Ducting





Clean Room System Design, Installation and Validation 

Supply & Installation 
1. Clean room of class 100 to class 100000 , ISO 5-9, Grade A-D 
2. Filters (HEPA, Pre, Fine, Mini, Pleat & Roll filters) 
3. Clean room Equipment( Air shower, Pass Box, Laminar Air Flow, Dispensing 
    booth, Garment cabinet & SS furniture) 
4. Modular Clean room with Pre Fabricated Wall and Ceiling PUF panel 
5. Clean room doors, lights & Epoxy Flooring

Air Shower

HEPA Filters

Clean Doors


SS Furniture

Pass Box

Site Management

In implementation phase we supervise the construction and installations of site fabricated and assembled  systems. We have dedicated Engineers for different projects who monitors and controls the project schedule, prepare reports and makes sure that the deadlines are met on date. Our engineers coordinate with contractor teams , suppliers , and clients to fulfill their requirements and maintain project costs.  

HVAC & Cleanroom Validation  

We Cunduct the Following Test. 

1. Airflow Visualization Test 
2. Air Velocity Measurement 
3. DOP/PAO HEPA Filter Integrity Test 
4. Particle Count Test 
5. Room Pressurization Test 
6. Light Intensity Test 
7. Noise Level Test 
8. Air Exchange Rate 
9. Containment Test 
10. Recovery Test 
11. Temperature and Humidity Test
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